Why buy ordinary tile when you can invest in a "Work Of Art"

Beverly Shideler

At age 10 Beverly was first exposed to renaissance sculpture while reading about the life of Michelangelo. She thought "This is what I want to do!" The idea was put away with other things of childhood only to reemerge in 1982 as an overwhelming desire. What began as a hobby rapidly grew into a full time career.

In her personal sculpture, Beverly's focus is on expressing an idea or communicating a message. As each new technique or style is conquered the hunger to learn and grow pushes her in a new direction. The use of the human condition, with it's complex emotions and and myriad ways of communicating remains a constant.

The need to have her work say something (make the viewer think and feel) remains the same and leads her to a constant exploration of humanity in her design.

Her work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, and art shows throughout the United Stated and has won many awards.

Beverly currently lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia where she continues to work in her studio daily.